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Devcon Japan, links

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MX DownUnder Conference


MXDU 2003 | Macromedia Devcon - Asia Pacific, Sydney Australia, 19 - 20 February 2003.

Heavy weight speakers in two full days of all the MX you can get, multiple tracks, keynotes and more. There's a National (Aussie) Macromedia User Group meeting Day Zero and other events coinciding with MXDU so don't expect much sleep.

Remember early bird registration goes until 12 December 2002

More information over here

Devcon Japan - Day 2

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Although having their session all in a video playing in the background, and the presentators on stage just talking about it, Furi-Furi Company showed a really slick instant messaging app they worked on for AOL. They say they started with that mainly pc based, and suddenly decided to take it to i-mode. So they came up with an instant messaging application between i-mode and pc. Now they said they got bored of it and just added a flash interface to it. neat!

They later added some VJ randomization engine to the flash movie and projeced it in the big screen in the room... and there they where, instant messaging from a cell-phone to the big screen. Very japanese, although they gave the address for people to interact with it from the audience, no one really did:P All they needed is one to start, and the rest to follow...but it never happened.

In one of the last sessions, Tomohiro Ueki had a great intro to Flash Remoting which was really simple to follow until the last 5 minutes, when running out of time he hurried up the pace and probably got a lot of people lost besides me:P

Pretty wierd that Macromedia decided to have Mike Chambers's session on advanced Remoting in the morning and Ueki-san's intro on Remoting at night. I would have gotten so much more of both if they had been in the reverse order:P

I'll try to come up with a more detailed report on all that happened over there during the weekend.

Devcon Japan - Day 1

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Really exciting first day over at the Cerullean Towers in Shibuya.

Of course Yugo Nakamura did the honors again. You know what to expect from him already. Although his presentation hasn't changed much along the years (I've seen him already a bunch of times) each time I leave one of his presentations I feel I can get home and suddenly take over the world. Very, very inspiring.

They guys from Bascule had a really nice session on Flash Communications server too. They have just published this very good tutorial at macromedia desdev japan (if you don't read japanese... patience, I'm pretty much sure they'll come up with an english translation for that soon)

Ok. please give me some time for a full review later this week. I've taken a ton of notes, which I now will have to patiently translate into one coherent language (if you see my notebook, you'll just find a bunch of scribbles where you wouldn't really be able to differentiate english from japanese from spanish or klingon)


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Looks like ZoomPane is getting good reviews!

I suddenly got hooked up from flashguru, flashblog and Josh Dura and I've noticed a traffic increase of almost 250%

Thanks a lot guys!

ZoomPane Beta

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Here you go, ZoomPane component for your viewing pleasure :)

Started working on it over Sam Wan's Devcon presentation files, and ended up writing it almost from scratch.

as easy as:


get the component .zip file
get the working sample .zip file

or view the working sample

If everything goes fine, expect the final .mxp release pretty soon.
Please report any bugs, comments, critiques :)

Devcon Japan

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I've been really looking forward for this event since I first heard of it, and even more after I heard about the great one they had last month in Orlando.
Although I'm a (little bit) active among the international community, It may sound a little bit wierd, but I'm not that much in contact with local developers/designers.
I bet it's going to be great. There's a ton of sessions which look really interesting. more info over here;
Oops, sorry, nihongo only:P

ZoomPane component

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Almost there, just a couple of minor bug fixes and documentation, and I'll be ready to release this component I'm feeling very confident about.

quick demo over here

Ohayo Bascule

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In a reminisense of a classic japanese game; "daruma-san ga koronda" Bascule comes up with a very simple game powered by FlashCom - Ohayo players.
The objective; grab the bear's honey while he is looking away. The fun part is that it's grabing the motion level from your webcam (you'll need one to participate in the game).

Stay still when he turns around! else... smack!