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MAX Japan 2004: The aftermath.

It's finally over! Had tons of fun, luckily after all, everything went well.
I had been in the office since sunday night, almost without sleeping trying to finish with some work that has to go live tomorrow night. It was then wednesday night, and I hadn't really started yet to prepare the slides that I was going to show the next day, plus one of the projects that I wanted to show was not finished yet. I went to Dan's place who helped me with everything all night. It was around 5 in the morning that we runned accross a killer bug that no matter how hard we tried we couldn't isolate or fix. Sun came up, the conference had already started in Shibuya and we where still trying to work that out. So unluckily I had to decide to stop right where we where and show it as it was. I got on a train and runned all the way to the Cerullean Towers, got into the preparation room and finished with all my slides around 1 hour before our presentation. I realized then it was more than 60 hours since the last time I slept. I was so high on coffee that the time my turn came on the stage I never realized what was really going on. I think the room was almost full. Luckilly the presentation went pretty well, Yuji gave first an intro to coldfusion, and then I showed 3 projects that relly heavilly on it. I showed habitat perspectives, socialcircles and newsmap, a project that I hope I will be making live this week.
When we finished a lot of people came to tell me they loved my presentation. wheew! they liked it!
That was the best thing I could hear.
At night we had a meeting with the coldfusion usergroup where Mr. Forta, JD, and B. Purcell had to listen to our complaints. After finally got the opportunity to talk to JD personally. Wow, what a charismatic person. It's like just by talking to him he'll somehow sweep out all your stress. And that's what he did to me!
The next day during the general session it was time to show a little project I had been working on for a while: remote driver 2.
This time I got my tablet PC, pluged a couple of servos through USB and runned the whole thing on top of an RC car chassis. Of course had a webcam on it, and through Flashcom I was driving it wirelessly from the stage. I'll be publishing more about this in the coming days.

Thanks to everyone who was there, friends, coworkers, coleagues and everyone at macromedia for your support, and miles, miles gracias to everyone who came to see us.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or even just to say you where there, please drop me a line [ mail at marcosweskamp dot com ] (sorry comments are still offline) I'd really like to hear what you thought about it.

I hope I'll be having some time this week to publish my slides and all the new stuff.

何かご意見でも分からないことがあったら是非、メールください: [ mail at marcosweskamp dot com] ( at & dot を"@","に変えてくださいね:)「私見に行ってましたよ」でもいいので。

massively multiplayer location-based realtime rpg

"YDreams and Hong Kong mobile telecom operator Sunday last week launched Undercover, a massively multiplayer, persistent game for mobile phone users in Hong Kong. In the game, the players' real location is the main tool in a quest for justice and survival. Undercover has been available nationwide in Portugal since July 2003. Sunday Hong Kong customers are the first players outside Portugal to join the game - trial versions are planned for over 14 countries."

[via smartmobs]

Java seems to be sweeping the mobile market everywhere. This is the type of content that the flash-lite player for mobile phones could and should be able to play as of last year if it wasn't for the ooper dooper strict phone carrier restrictions. I really look forward to the next version of this player and I really hope they come up with a little bit more serious piece of software. Also hope the makers realize that realtime GPS accesibility from this plugin is a *must*, today. Phone carriers are realizing that, and slowly start introducing GPS enabled phones. It would be a sin to leave the new player blind to this type of hardwares capabilities.