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Siggraph web expo

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oh right, around a month ago I was told that geoTracker was accepted into this year Siggraph's web expo in San Diego.
I'm not really sure how it got over there, but, hey, that's excellent news!
Won't be able to make it for the conference, but if there's anyone attending, please drop me a line to tell me how it was!

Space and Place, The perspective of experience

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This book seems to have been around for 25 years already. I was in the midst of an internal brainstorming ecstasy about the reasons why we become so emotionally attached to places (either geographical or virtual), when I suddenly run into this book in a bookstore in San Francisco.

The author, Yi-Fu Tuan, in the first chapters covers a whole spectrum of different interpretations of "space" and "place", how different cultures view, experience and understand them. Later on he adds the concept of time and how the three of them interact with each other. It talks very cleverly about how we are oriented in space, place and time, how is it that culture influence our conception of that.

Tuan suggests that "space" is freedom and "place" safety. Although space will be eventually transformed into a concrete place as it acquires definition and meaning. A big factor he points out that will contribute in that transformation is how intensive, sometimes intimate and valuable are the experiences we live in those spaces - not how long we stay in them.

It is definitively a very inspiring piece and although it wasn't written contemplating virtual spaces, you can clearly see the big connection throughout every chapter.

more at amazon
more on Yi-Fu Tuan

DoCoMo 505i series unveiled

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Yeahp, these are the ones that will carry the flash player.
more info over here:

Back Home

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I finally arrived home last Monday and I'm still trying to overcome jetlag. Cherry blosoms are on it's best which helps overcome the sadness I had for leaving San Francisco. I had really, really good times over there. My friend Tori worked her best to make me feel at home. And man she did a good job; I never wanted to leave!
FlashForward was a blast. Had tons of fun and really enjoyed hanging out most of the time with Sean Voisen. Sean is an excellent dude, really humble guy. He was able to put up with 3 days of listening to me go crazy, without ever punching me in the stomach for nonsense talk. Was able to meet up also with the Dura Brothers - which was really nice too. They are both very cool guys. The conference? Awesome, this was my 3rd FF and it was definitively the best so far. The most outstanding moments where:

* Kevyn Lynch's keynote: packed with new stuff coming from the mothership
* Dave Yang's and Collin Mooks OOP sessions: very interesting to see how they both aproach design patterns in different ways
* Grant Skinner's Film Festival: because he really deserved it.
* Sam Wan's presentation: I love his style, very very clear, but sofisticated at the same time
* Phillip Torrone's gadget marathon: very very cool.
* Thomas Wagner: games in flash never looked better
* Vas Sloutchevsky's interfaces: When we thought branded flashy interfaces where dead, here come Vas to probe we are all wrong.
* Eric Natzke's closing: reverences to THA man.

What I missed from the conference:
* Dave Yang's Q&A: OUch! I'll never forgive myself for that! Sean told me it was excellent, just both of them and a bunch of other people from Macromedia, including Nigel Pegg, discussed in a very friendly atmosphere the future of AS. Would love to hear from them more about what happened there!
* Robert Penner: Had so many questions for him. I know he was supposed to speak but somewhere sometime before the conference, his session was canceled.
* Branden Hall & Joshua Davis: I know the dynamic duo has been one very bussy with work, and the other learning how to be a father, but I really missed them not showing up on stage