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newsmap goes squarified

I just updated newsmap to a new version fancying a squarified treemap layout algorithm, which tries to keep the aspect ratio of each cell as close to 1:1 as possible. That should make headlines easier to read. It's interesting to see how this new layout gives a different perception of what is big news today.

The biggest news will always be on the top left corner inside each category, the smallest one on the bottom right. The placement of all categories and countries follow the same principle, when the sum of related articles for one story inside each country/category is the greatest, it will be shifted to the top left corner, the smallest ones shift to the bottom right.

Of course you can always switch to the standard layout by selecting so in the bottom right of the screen.

Use "permalink" to create your custom link for the view you selected.

ciao italia!

Finally got settled down in my new *huge* apartment in Ivrea a couple of days ago. (it's at least 2.5 times bigger than what I had in Tokyo!). Going through school orienation now and getting some survival italian lessons. Classes start in two weeks. Unfortunatelly my mail client cought fire with a virus some days ago and Norton Antivirus destroyed my inbox where I had mail piled up for the past 5 months. I have no idea how that bstrd got through. (arrrgh!) I'd kindly like to ask everyone who hasn't got any reply from me for the past days to resend your email. sorry fot that:)

'till next year, ARS!

newsmap at ars electronica

A little bit late, but here are some pics from ARS Electronica 2004, which finished 2 days ago.

Some great reviews of the festival over here and at the NY times (login required: bypass through bugmenot)

It's been great being here in Linz, we where treated really nice by everyone. On the day after the closing of ARS, we could spend some time chatting with Brad Paley and Jeff Han, exchanging ideas and discussing extensions for their project TraceEncounters, which I find fascinating. On the way out Brad gave me a signed print of Alice in wonderland visualized through TextArc. woha! Great times, and I'm definitively looking forward for next year's Prix.

Dan left for Tokyo this morning, and I'm hopping on a train tonight headed to Ivrea, Italy, where my new home awaits. nervous? oh yeah!

ARS Electronica 2004

Ars so far looks pretty cool. The award ceremony took place last night, the 5 golden nicas where given out to the winners and right before the closing of it they got us and all the other award of distincion winners, to the stage for a final applause. We hooked up later with some friends from tokyo and went out for drinks and "event hopping" Best thing so far was the Manual Input Sessions by Tmema last night. Yesterday we went to the Ok center to check out where newsmap was being exhibited, and dropped by to stare to Listening Post. So far this has been the best of ARS for me, amazingly well finished and setup, superbly executed. Going into the room where it is exhibited is like entering a church, you just can't help but sit down and stare. We stayed there for at least 40 minutes. Later we went to see Apparition, an amazing performance by the DAMPF_lab. This morning I participated in the panel for the winners of the Net Vision category. We stayed up almost all night with Dan who was helping me polish up my presentation and slides. Luckily the feedback I got once I finished was not that bad:) Still I'm sure it could have been better. Next to me Lawrence Lessig talked about all the ideas behind creative commons, and right before he left I grabed him to get my physical copy of Free Culture signed. yay!
ok, got to run to a presentation now. more soon...