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FITC Awards 2005 Winners

The winners where finally posted. I'm proud to announce that Flickr Graph won the experimental category!

I should probably mention that the night of the awards, to be sincere, I had almost zero hopes against Grant Skinner (who won for best Canadian Developer) - So much that the time they where opening the envelopes at the awards ceremony we where out having taco bell. aaah it was years since my last taco bell. So we finished our nasty burritos and went back to the ceremony, where Hoss was struggling with his voice and still messing up opening the wrong envelopes for the wrong categories. When we get in, everyone starts congratulating me. I thought they where kidding, but after the 6th person coming by and saying congrats! you won! where the heck where you?! I finally thought well, maybe it's true huh. - and it was.
Hoss handed me over my award once everything was done, and we went drinking. The award yep, it looks reaaaaly nice!

Thanks everyone! And of course kudos goes to ludicorp makers of flickr for making their API completely open and letting me play with it.