July 2004 Archives

GPS Photo Installations

Tokyo Picturesque - Just released a couple of days ago. Although visually very similar to Habitat Perspetives the concept seems to be slightly different.

Habitat Perspectives - I built this one last year. Will be exhibited at Siggraph 2004 in LA next month ( and should really get my butt into cleaning it up a little bit )

Jikukan-Poemer - I really like the idea of displaying it as an installation in public spaces

Urban landscape search engine - built in Javascript! - crazy.

Field Works - by Proff Masaki Fujihata. A pitty I can't find a direct link to the original work. If I can remember well, this was one of the first art installations ever made with GPS data tagged imagery.

GPS Drawing - ok, this one has no photos, but I really like the massive scale of each drawing.