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what a weekend


Winners for the Canon Digital Creators Contest Awards where announced last Friday.
I had the great opporunity to join the reception afterwards and hang around with the winners, organizers and judges.

Met a very little tiny bit with S. Sato, this year's gold in the web category, very cool guy. It was awesome meeting the people from assistant, who got away with the macromedia award with "happy city". They seem to be working on stuff pretty close to what I'm doing now, which was super cool, spent a bunch of time with them exchanging ideas. It'll be awesome to meet them again in the near future. The guys from Tomato (who also seem to be in town to announce their latest piece "wordimagesoundplay" done together with Underworld for PS2), S. Ross, H. Nakano, J. Davis where all there.

After the reception, we moved the party to Omotesando - friday was my birthday too, and had planned to do something pretty simple at a friends bar. It ended up being a party for 40 people. ( naah, unluckily none of those big names up there where interested in rocking the night with me ), but still almost everyone from Bascule came over, a bunch of guys from mm, ex-coworkers, and of course the usual suspcects. The party *rocked*, and totally trashed woke up the next morning and rushed to senior Davis lecture in Waseda University- I'm amazed at his rock star charisma. He really knows how to talk to mortal people;)
Met with Todd R and his gf there, had met them the previous night in the ceremony.
Later I jumped in with the mm guys to take J for some book shopping, dropped to his hotel to leave some stuff and guess who was there?! Phillip! amazing. Seems he was in town for some business (he is definitivelly working on some really cool stuff). So we ended up having yakiniku in Harajuku together. ug dropped by later with his wife totally trashed from the previous night too.
When I got home one of the best presents I had ever received was waiting... a polyurethan block! well yeah, you'll ask what the hell can I do with that. well, let me tell you when you are a tall guy like me here in japan (I'm around 2meters - or 6'5+) things are not that easy. There's no size for my shoes, I knock my head every morning walking from the living room to the kitchen, I don't fit in my own shower, and not even in my bed. Yep. people look at me as if I was a monster. k, so winters are pretty cold here and having your feet stick out of your bed at night is not really funny. sssoo... yyyeaah! I added the block to the head and I now have a 2.4 meters long bed! what better than that! ddduuh... 6 winters here and I had never thought of that.

oook, enough O.T. back to work now...

phidgets: playing with tangible bits

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"At the seashore, between the land of atoms and the sea of bits, we are now facing the challenge of reconciling our dual citizenship in the physical and digital worlds. Our windows to the digital world have been confined to flat rectangular screens and pixels, or 'painted bits.' While our visual senses are steeped in the sea of digital information, our bodies remain in the physical world. The vision of Tangible Bits is to provide seamless coupling between these two very different worlds of bits and atoms."
Hiroshi Ishii, Head, Tangible Media Group, MIT Media Lab

Alright, that's it for me. It's time to expand the toolset - just ordered a phidget starter kit. wohoo!
Why not mindstorms? well phidgets seem to have a very well documented API, and a very nice student community behind it, plus, they are super cheap!

just wait till I get my hands on these;)

Light messages in the sky

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'Amodal Suspension,' a large-scale installation by artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer to take place from 1-24 November in Yamaguchi, Japan. Participants will be able to send short text messages to each other using a cell phone or web browser connected to address However, rather than being sent directly, the messages will be encoded as unique sequences of flashes and sent to the sky with a network of 20 robotically-controlled searchlights.

...and the winds of change blow again

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Today was my very last day at work. What was really cute is that on the way home, walking up from Shibuya with all my belongings strapped to my shoulder, it slowly started snowing. Puffing my first cigarette of the day I raised my collar and quickly went through the 6 months of my stay in that office. I feel a little sad for having left the place that had been so much promising - my first day was one of those moments - but that excitement slowly started dimming with time. People there are all really talented, but somehow I never felt part of the team. Still, I am really thankful to everyone of them.

Well, next comes some really good news, and I am really really excited about it - and I mean it this time.

stay tuned:)

Adopt a modem

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Yahoo! BB goes crazy - they are urging the population to take home with them ADSL modems by all means.

If you've been downtown Tokyo in the past weeks, you surely have bumped into these armies of 'men in white'. Annoying as hell, they keep on running behind everyone with free ADSL modems to take home. They don't care if you have a digital or analog line - even if you have a phone line. They don't want to know if you already have ADSL, not even if you are credit worthy.

Before that, a couple of months ago, they where (snail) mailing modems to everyone. I was sent a Yahoo BB modem back in December, not that I asked them to send me one; they just sent it. I got a call a week after that - "oh yeah, by the way, we sent you a modem last week, just plug it to your phone line and computer, and...welcome to the broadband world!". I was really sorry to disappoint them telling them I don't really needed it, that I already had ADSL at home (and through a different provider), but since then, they haven't even bothered to pick it up.

Well, I guess they will eventually come pick it up one day. Maybe when they realize they can't produce these modems as fast as people are demanding them, they'll remember about that huge stock they have spread around and is now being kept from going into the wild.

By adopting one of this modems for one year, you will be helping towards the running costs of the Joey Joe Joe jr Shabado Trust for Modems in Captivity, which provides riding therapy for modems with special needs and disabilities.

No more starving for Torrone's Aibo

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Having such a bussy master, it would simply thank heaven for one of these...

So today I'm hanging over at the computer store down in Shinjuku and stumbled over this:

[ iSeePet : "communicate with your pet anytime, anywhere from the internet " ]

I just couldn't help but start cracking on it... it's amazing!
Just plug it straight into your router with a LAN cable (no need for it to go through your PC), and zip! your dog is online. You'll then be ready to feed him through a web-browser or your cell-phone, wherever you are.

view the online promo movie

Oh, of course you can also watch him through the web cam it comes with, or call him over playing a tune.

I know it has been blogged around a couple of months ago... but believe me seeing the live demo at the store made me want to go get a cat so that I have an excuse to get one of these.

TouchGraph Google Browser


maybe old news for some of you... but this is really nice:


"TouchGraph provides a hands-on way to visualize networks of interrelated information. Networks are rendered as interactive graphs, which lend themselves to a variety of transformations. By engaging their visual image, a user is able to navigate through large networks, and to explore different ways of arranging the network's components on screen. "

Check out the touchgraph Google Broser over here.

Forest of Thoughts

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Well, this one is *really* old news, can't believe I missed it before.
I got this url forwarded by Haruchin today, and spent a good time clicking around there. After a little research I found that "the Forest of Thoughts" is a 2 year old project for an "exhibition in progress" which over the period of 6 weeks was constantly changing and beeing developed by a group of contributors from all around the world.
It got the excellence award at the media arts festival here in tokyo that same year.

"This site is a skillfully interconnected renka (a song-like poem) of stills, videos, sound and text from 15 of the world's greatest cutting edge digital creators."

the URL:

Really blushed for not having known about this one before:P

R-Flux revamped

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Raye Fukuda's online portfolio gets a new face.
Super-talented designer and art director, she was my lead for the short time we worked together at DentsuFUSE. Her work was always amazing and it was really inspiring to work by her side. Such a pitty it was only for a few months...

New winds blowing

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Wooha, that was a long time between updates! Well, there's been a lot going around. I was super busy with my job but luckilly I could overcome my workaholism and take a break in Mexico for two weeks.
New winds are blowing in Tokyo again; before leaving on my trip I decided to move forward with my career and take the tough decision of leaving DentsuFUSE, where I got to meet the most amazing people ever. For the following month I'll be freelancing here, and really looking forward to get a full-time possition anytime soon.
So, here we go again, there's a lot of new plans, I'll soon be adding here an even more updatable blog section, probably focusing on MX technology. (you've GOT to have a blog these days huh?) Also Planning to give away a set of Flash components, and a lot of source code.
Got to pick up painting again too. I have a couple of comissioned works that are almost half a year late already:P
Whish me luck!
Love to all.