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interview for SHIFT

I was recently interviewed by Naoko Fukushi for the e-zine SHIFT Japan. The same interview was published today in japanese in the local print magazine WebDesigning.

DIY Social Circles

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So you're probably tired of looking over and over the same lists in Social Circles.
Since day 1 of this project Dan always wanted to let users look into their own mailbox too. So he grabbed the original source code and rewrote it so that you can now visualize the mailing lists YOU are subscribed to.

So what are you waiting for, go try DIY Social Circles!

We haven't tested this one thoroughly so if it doesn't work for you, please, please drop me a line: [mail ATT marcosweskamp DOTT com]

byebye Stuttgart

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flashconference was a blast, luckily everything went pretty well... well, almost, connection speed was fairly slow, and some of the projects that I wanted to show where using streamed video feeds. I should have thought about that and pre-recorded all projects. Still everyone seemed to leave very happy in both presentations.

Thanks to everyone who was there, Mario, Jasmine, Carlo, Wolfgang, Kristina, it was really fun hanging out with you guys:)

PRIX ARS Electronica awards

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Winners of the 2004 PRIX Ars Electronica where announced today.

It is a great honor to see newsmap among the winners of the Awards of Distinction, under the Net Vision Category.