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"Orbit is a satellite simulator. It predicts the motion of satellites using industrial grade orbit propagation algorithms. What you see on this screen is a simulation of over 650 actual unclasiffied satellites with current data from NORAD, earth imagery from NASA, and ploitical boundaries and coastline data courtesy of the United Nations"

I was just watching Steve Job's keynote for WWDC 2004 when I saw this. It's been a while since the last time I was amazed this much. This is a beautifull application.

http://stream.apple.akadns.net/ ( jump to minute 35:30 in the stream )

"Just a few years ago these computations required a defence budget supercomputer. But as you can see the modern G5 just crunches through them."
The author claims he wrote Orbit by himself, in just 3 months, on a powerbook.

There should be a screensaver version comming out somewhere soon. (google couldn't find any info on either the author, the company or the application, though it should be published at apple.com sometimesoon)
... I think I'm going to buy a powerbook just to be able to stare at that screensaver.

Japanese Flash OOP Book announced

If you can't read Japanese, please ignore this post.
If you can, well luckily you've already heard about it, but who knows how different the reach from this blog is compared to others in Japanese.

A couple of days ago was announced the forthcoming Flash OOP book, the result of a ton of work by 14 members of the Flash OOP Japan Study Group. Published in Japanese and focusing on Object Oriented programming with ActionScript 2.0 and FlashMX 2004 Professional, the book is aimed at developers with previous understanding of ActionScript or developers from other programming languages willing to make their first incursions in ActionScript 2.0

The book is expected to hit the stands on June 16th.

you may still preorder it here:

Flash OOP - ActionScriptによるオブジェクト指向プログラミング

Supervised by Tatsuo Kato, and written by Fumio Nonaka, Kampei Baba, Jun Kitazawa, Hoshi Tetsuya, Tatsuo Kato, Yasunori Fujimoto, Shinya Tomikawa, Naohiko Ueno, Marcos Weskamp, Taro Sugita, Ken Azuma, Shin Matsumura, Hisato Ogata and Atsushi Honda.

With the help of Baba-san and Kitazawa-san I chipped the 8th chapter: "Data Structures and Algorithms", which was not an easy task, but definitively a ton of fun writing.

Biggest thanks goes to Kato-san who almost left his soul in the supervision of this book, and of course everyone at Bascule for their never ending dedication to this project. Special thanks go to Kan-chan who was able to put up with all my missed deadlines and helped me all the way until the end.

Oh, next week, June 18th (fri) from 18:30 - 21:00 we will be holding a meeting with the Flash OOP Study Group at the Macromedia office in Akasaka, anyone in the area is mostly welcome to participate - entrance is free of charge, and we will be giving away a copy of the book to the person who talks the loudest in the discussions there:)