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TouchGraph Google Browser


maybe old news for some of you... but this is really nice:


"TouchGraph provides a hands-on way to visualize networks of interrelated information. Networks are rendered as interactive graphs, which lend themselves to a variety of transformations. By engaging their visual image, a user is able to navigate through large networks, and to explore different ways of arranging the network's components on screen. "

Check out the touchgraph Google Broser over here.

Advertising Museum Tokyo launched

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One of the most fun projects (if not the most) I had the chance to work at my previous employer has been finally launched last weekend. It basically is a flash interface to surf the huge advertisements and industry statistics database the client originally had - which later as the project rolled on, grew and shrunk hundred times in size. Because of copyright issues, it was decided that most of the content can only be viewed at the museum's kiosk computers. If you happen to be in town, don't forget to give it a visit:)

Although we where only two flash developers involved during the whole project (Matty Sallin is the man) the biggest kudos goes to all the people who made the project realize (sorry If I forget anyone): Tad Hara, Dan Albritton, Krishna Manda, Tsuyoshi Goto, Ayako Hasegawa, Masaru Fujii, Takaharu Higashibata, Tori Orr, Haruna Hirose, Sarah Okawa.

You can visit the museum's website over here