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Flash Player for i-mode!

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Whoohoo! this is great news!
Today NttDoCoMo & Macromedia anounced the future release of the 505i series which will come with an embedded flash player.

There's no information yet on which version of the player it is, although considering the memory constrains and connection speeds (this one is not 3G), even if it is player 6, we may still be far from being able to play around with all the capabilities of the latest version. Still, this opens a door to a whole new world in cell-phone content development, not only for flash developers, but for cell-phone content developers as well (you know, what worked on this i-mode cell, would not work in this other one, etc.)

Can't wait to see Foma with player 6!

press releases at:

more over at:
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Giving a hand at FlashForward


Last week the finalists for the upcoming FlashForward 2003 San Francisco where announced. To my big surprise, geoTracker was in the nominee list!!! wohooo!

This was my last week at work, hence the lack of updates. It's been a little bit crazy trying to finish up with all tasks that I suddenly got assigned to. Of course, couldn't finish much, and will still have to brush up some stuff during the weekend and probably Monday.

What's next? hummm...to be announced later:) In the meantime I am taking a whole month off. I was planning to make it to San Francisco for the conference before, but as soon as I got the good news, I got so excited about it that I contacted the organizers and volunteered for the event. Luckily enough they still had some open places and they took me right away.

I'll be the tall guy standing on the entrace of the QA sessions during 27 & 28th checking for your conference pass. If you happen to see me, don't hesitate to say hi:)

It's a bummer because of my duties there I'll be missing a lot of very intersting sessions, like Nigel Pegg's "Advanced Component Development", Sam Wan's "Collaborative E-Learnig", and Phillip Torrone's "Content Creation for Devices and Phones". Was really looking forward to listen what have they been up to all this time. But well, anyways, hopefully some people will tape these sessions, and I can always read the presentation material they usually put online after the conference.

I really look forward to meeting everyone over there.

Oh yes, don't forget to cast your vote for geoTracker over here!

Interval Manager

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Discussion on FlashCoders keeps on going endlessly about probelms that arrise when using setInterval().

A while ago I wrote this intervalManager that helps with keeping track of all intervals that get set in a movie. Although this version works with no problem, there are still a couple of issues to be solved for it to work as close at setInterval(). Maybe there's someone out there with a little bit more time:P who can give it a look and solve the last issues that I point below.

OK, so you are tired of loosing your interval ID's, you always have to remember to kill any interval before setting it again and such.

Well, intervalManager will basically store all those precious id's under a list, to which you can always reference and clear anytime.


geoTracker wins interaction 2003 contest


wow, I was more than stoked this morning to hear that geoTracker had just won the interaction 2003 contest held at ericd.net.
Having such tough contenders like Grant Skinner's gModeler, I never thought that I ever had a chance to make it to the top 5... but instead of that, it went on with the first place!

Well, thank you everyone for all the support, and do keep an eye on the blog for the next version, which as soon as I get all the gear up and running, should turn to be a live global warchalking application ... and much more!

btw, if there's anyone out there with the gear ready (you'll basically need a GPS and a WiFi card) and would like to sign up for the beta testing, please leave your address in the comments down here.