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FlashForward day 3

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Ok, sorry for the lack of updates, once the conference started, there was already enough blogs reporting live from the Herbst theatre so I never wanted to make too much noise. Check out Sean Voisen's, Mike Chambers 's or Kevin Lynch's blogs for some high quality reports. Last night at the Film Festival Grant Skinner rocked the house. Grant is THA man. Well, my entry never made it to the stage, but's not that long until FFNY2003...and i'll be back! muehehehe....

Blogging FlashForward


Well, been here hanging around for one week already, time to get my hands into some work. Tomorrow FF2003 launches off, and from what I've heard it will definitively be a blast. Got the gear ready, so I'll try to keep everyone up to the minute of what's going on over there.

Hangin out in San Francisco

| No Comments's like the city is on slowmotion. What a beautifull place, we've been hanging out with my friend Tori for only 2 days still, and it's been excellent so far. Had a really emotive moment today when we went down to South Park, the ground zero of the internet bubble. Really sad to see mostly every building with rent, sale or lease signs all around. It's like a ghost town, with only a couple of buildings that seemed inhabited (among them, the Macromedia HQ - go mm!) Best thing so far; the huge fat pizza slice at Fat Slice over at Telegraph ave, and that huuuuuge Burrito at 6th and mission- maaaan that was a 1kg brick!!!
I'll try posting some pics later...

Frog Design+Motorola on wearables

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now this is...awesome: a fully wearable networked cyborg set on the go.

Offspring is a "concept design for a set of wearable devices. The individual pieces communicate via Bluetooth. A central device - the WDA - serves as the hub, and provides a wireless connection to an iDEN network. The design is only a concept at this point, although Motorola is preparing for user testing, and plans to bring a product based on the design to market within two years."

Steve Mann`s vision may not be that far away after all...

via [ Smart Mobs ]

server downtime

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Well, my mail server had been down for the past 5 days. (I've been switching servers) If you sent me any email during this time, I'll really appreciate if you re-send it, everything seems to be working normally now. thx!

...and the winds of change blow again

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Today was my very last day at work. What was really cute is that on the way home, walking up from Shibuya with all my belongings strapped to my shoulder, it slowly started snowing. Puffing my first cigarette of the day I raised my collar and quickly went through the 6 months of my stay in that office. I feel a little sad for having left the place that had been so much promising - my first day was one of those moments - but that excitement slowly started dimming with time. People there are all really talented, but somehow I never felt part of the team. Still, I am really thankful to everyone of them.

Well, next comes some really good news, and I am really really excited about it - and I mean it this time.

stay tuned:)

As soon as I finished this book, it flew out of my hands. I was already really inspired by it as soon as I got to the second page, and the time I finished it, I had talked so much about it that Matty immediately took it away from me. Although pretty intense in names and dates - if you take a peek at the index, you'll realize that it's not only Lick's story the one that the book focuses on, but mostly everyone who influenced in the history and development of the personal computer and the web as we know it today.
The book will take you to the origins of computer science, interactive computing and networking, and dramatically narrate all the huge efforts, dreams and ideas of all the people that helped make - and are still making today - in the creation of "The Dream Machine".

A beautifully told history lesson.

more at amazon.