'till next year, ARS!

newsmap at ars electronica

A little bit late, but here are some pics from ARS Electronica 2004, which finished 2 days ago.

Some great reviews of the festival over here and at the NY times (login required: bypass through bugmenot)

It's been great being here in Linz, we where treated really nice by everyone. On the day after the closing of ARS, we could spend some time chatting with Brad Paley and Jeff Han, exchanging ideas and discussing extensions for their project TraceEncounters, which I find fascinating. On the way out Brad gave me a signed print of Alice in wonderland visualized through TextArc. woha! Great times, and I'm definitively looking forward for next year's Prix.

Dan left for Tokyo this morning, and I'm hopping on a train tonight headed to Ivrea, Italy, where my new home awaits. nervous? oh yeah!

VSSTV - Very Slow Scan Television

Lentos Kunstmuseum at night

Archiquarium, a visualization of the database holding all projects that have been realized through 25 years of Ars Electronica

The hipnotizing Protrude, Flow (2000, permanent exhibition)

the golden Nicas at the award ceremony

newsmap in exhibition

Augmented Fish Reality

Trace Encounters - chip

Trace Encounters - visualization

Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin, winners of the Golden Nica Interactive Art for Listening Post

Net Vision Forum
(from left to right)
Ina Zwerger, Lawrence Lessig, me, Ed Burton and Sonja Bettel (back)