No more starving for Torrone's Aibo

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Having such a bussy master, it would simply thank heaven for one of these...

So today I'm hanging over at the computer store down in Shinjuku and stumbled over this:

[ iSeePet : "communicate with your pet anytime, anywhere from the internet " ]

I just couldn't help but start cracking on it... it's amazing!
Just plug it straight into your router with a LAN cable (no need for it to go through your PC), and zip! your dog is online. You'll then be ready to feed him through a web-browser or your cell-phone, wherever you are.

view the online promo movie

Oh, of course you can also watch him through the web cam it comes with, or call him over playing a tune.

I know it has been blogged around a couple of months ago... but believe me seeing the live demo at the store made me want to go get a cat so that I have an excuse to get one of these.

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