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Yahoo! BB goes crazy - they are urging the population to take home with them ADSL modems by all means.

If you've been downtown Tokyo in the past weeks, you surely have bumped into these armies of 'men in white'. Annoying as hell, they keep on running behind everyone with free ADSL modems to take home. They don't care if you have a digital or analog line - even if you have a phone line. They don't want to know if you already have ADSL, not even if you are credit worthy.

Before that, a couple of months ago, they where (snail) mailing modems to everyone. I was sent a Yahoo BB modem back in December, not that I asked them to send me one; they just sent it. I got a call a week after that - "oh yeah, by the way, we sent you a modem last week, just plug it to your phone line and computer, and...welcome to the broadband world!". I was really sorry to disappoint them telling them I don't really needed it, that I already had ADSL at home (and through a different provider), but since then, they haven't even bothered to pick it up.

Well, I guess they will eventually come pick it up one day. Maybe when they realize they can't produce these modems as fast as people are demanding them, they'll remember about that huge stock they have spread around and is now being kept from going into the wild.

By adopting one of this modems for one year, you will be helping towards the running costs of the Joey Joe Joe jr Shabado Trust for Modems in Captivity, which provides riding therapy for modems with special needs and disabilities.

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